Nissan showroom, Rotterdam

Nissan, the renowned Japanese car manufacturer, is giving a large number of their European-based showrooms an update. For this project, they are aiming to work with one partner and one concept in regards to the lighting approach. Modular Lighting Instruments recently took care of the first of these overhauled showrooms in Rotterdam.


The most important aspect of lighting a car showroom is rather obvious, but nevertheless vital: lighting the cars and make the colours look vibrant and natural. This was of course the main focus in this project.


Modular suggested a uniform lighting solution that comes in a standardised and easily installable application. This facilitates a simple installation in all different showrooms all over Europe, keeping an eye on the consistency and recognition of all exhibit areas.


For this project, Modular suggested to use the coveted SL mini. This profile lighter is versatile and allows to be creative in a high-end architecture. It's easy to create angles and can be placed in a large variety of rooms playfully.


The preassembled suspended profiles were easily transported and mounted in Rotterdam. All was delivered by the end of 2016. Now more showrooms are ready to be equipped with this lighting solutions.

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