What project care is about

We manage a customer's lighting project throughout each phase of the process, aiming at creating the right light in the right amount in the right place.


All projects start off with an idea. In this first phase, our team sits down and identifies what the customer’s expectations and goals are. We focus on the specific lighting requirements and set realistic deadlines. Bringing our know-how to the table, allows us to frame the lighting aspect in the bigger picture.


The second phase is all about concretising the idea into a feasible concept. Key in this is first determining the gap between the customer’s expectations and what Modular can deliver. We look into our portfolio and decide whether or not adjustments to existing lighting solutions are required. Next, we define the impact of these adjustments to the timing and budget.


This phase comprises our drive for customer value. We match the concept with an appropriate lighting plan, incorporating the specific environment’s requirements. We also assess the feasibility of the project’s required technology and product development. The final step is optimizing the costs.


The final stage of the process is the delivery. Our team takes control of the plan’s execution and pro-actively follows-up on the deadline and budget.