Tailored light fixtures.

Some spaces need light fixtures that blend in to the design or architecture of the space. Other spaces need a luminaire that stands out. Modular has light fixtures for all environments. Each with a different nature and a different balance of design, application and technology.

The choice of luminaire is determined by the function of the light. The appropriate lighting fixtures depend on the task at hand and the space itself. Office lighting fixtures must pass certain criteria so that people can work healthily at their desks. While for retail lighting the focus is putting products in the spotlight (literally). For hospitality and residential it depends on the function of light. Whether it is to create a mood, or for more practical purposes. Like bathroom lighting, where you have to take into consideration the IP rating.

Our light fixtures are also pushing the boundaries. Creating contradictions. That a light fixture can be one thing, but also another.

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Smart. Modular to the max!

By applying new technology and adding new accessories, we create multiple new functions and applications. We also think about the size of the luminaire which results in different lumen packages and also more applications.

A perfect example: Smart, one of our most modular models yet. Available in diameters of 48 cm, 82 cm, 115 cm and 160 mm. These clever spotlights are not just multi-functional, they also include a seriously wide range of accessories that make it the ultimate modular product. Recessed, surface mounted or suspended. Box, tube or mask. Ceiling or wall. Office, retail, hospitality or residential. There is a Smart solution for any interior.

Iconic designs. Less applications more statement.

Modular’s light fixtures are impossible to ignore. Some have even become icons in architectural lighting. Take for example Nomad, a classic 80s industrial design which is as popular now as back in the day. Of course, now refined and updated with the latest in LED technology. True to its name, Nomad has no fixed home. Showcasing a product in a store, creating a cosy atmosphere in a meeting room or even lighting a dining room table.

Another beautiful example of Modular thinking is Bold. The luminaire which both blends in and stands out. The oblique angles make it look different from every angle. Yet, wherever you look, the light source itself remains invisible.

So, where will your creative mind take you next? Perhaps ceiling light fixtures? Or maybe Wall light fixtures? Or what about linear lighting?

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