Philips HQ, Hamburg, Germany

At the beginning of December 2015, Philips opened the doors of its brand-new, state-of-the-art headquarters in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. The six-story office building with a surface area of 18,844 square meters is a beehive for research, development and production on the German-speaking European market. To make this an innovative and inspiring work space, Philips joined forces with the renowned interior architects of Seel Bobsin Partners (SBP) and Modular Lighting Instruments.

The architect brought a fresh approach to the Philips “Workplace Innovation” concept, which aims to support creativity and productivity on the work floor. Stimulating communication, both formal and informal, is key in this concept. To achieve this, the architects retained the open feeling of a landscape office, while offering numerous small and bigger meeting rooms, seating areas with a homelike atmosphere and creative break-out zones.


By integrating the right light at the right place, in the right amount Modular wanted to emphasise the open and versatile atmosphere created by SBP. Because this office has so many different corners and spaces, the fixtures also needed to be able to fulfill a variety of functions and offer a flexible solution in every possible situation.

In close collaboration with the Philips design team, Modular chose a suitable combination of its fixtures. On the one hand, lighting was selected based on the functional needs in the office spaces; while on the other hand, some of the noticeable Modular icons were creatively integrated into the lighting plan, such as Spock and Nomad.


Because there is a wide variety of different spaces in this project, there also is a need for flexible lighting solutions that can support the myriad functions of each individual space.

For example: the climate ceilings in the offices have a highly specific design, for which finding a suitable, diffuse lighting solution was quite the challenge. The cosy diner needed more atmospheric lighting to maintain a homelike ambiance. Accent lighting shines a spotlight on the originality of the break-out zones, while orientation lighting allows the reception of large groups of people in transition spaces to run more smoothly.


The most noticeable fixture Modular integrated into this project is SLD75, a dedicated LED profile that was developed specifically for this project. It has since been integrated into the Modular portfolio.

This fixture was integrated into the office spaces, where it underscores the architecture and the climate ceilings. A pendant version was added to the mix, which also contains an integrated powerful spotlight (900 lm) that revolves in a full 360° path and provides the necessary wall and accent lighting.

Considering that the best lighting situation for work purposes is natural daylight, this is being simulated with indirect, tuneable uplights. At night, the LEDs turn blue, which is Philips’ corporate colour. The newly installed DALI technology integrated perfectly into the building’s management system. The new SLD75 fixture, thanks to its new diffuser and lenses, easily attains the DIN12454 standard required for office spaces.


The delivery of the various lighting solutions was carried out in several stages between July and September 2015.

WATCH OUR VIDEO and find out what the people at Philips Hamburg had to say about the collaboration with Modular.

Project info

KSP Architekten Engel und Zimmermann
Realisation date
July - September 2015
Project manager
ECE Projektmanagement, Hamburg
Project designer
SBP design: Kim Marc Bobsin