Maas en Kempen, Maaseik, Belgium

Maas en Kempen is a brand new hospital project site in Maaseik (Belgium). This building will house all different activities of the current campuses in Bree and Maaseik. It's a unique concept, containing five large sections, all of which are completely integrated into the green landscape of the area. This hospital will be able to house 226 patients at a time and will be the very first low-rise hospital of this size (33.250 m²!) in Flanders.


A hospital has very specific lighting requirements. There are a lot of different areas, all of which have their very specific needs for lighting. Since the planning phase of this project, Modular has been involved in the lighting concept of the reception areas (rooms, corridors and hospitality areas). Functionality, consistency and efficiency are the key words.


Modular’s experience and know-how in the healthcare segment has led to a balanced concept. A balance between latest technology, design and sustainability. The increased use of high tech puts pressure on the technical hospital departments. Keeping the number of interventions low helps them to free up time and save costs. Reliable LED sources also put a break on energy costs. Design is not leading in medical environments, yet it contributes to the general experience of the healing environment. It is the cherry on the cake once all regulations and functional needs are covered. Together with our service, our customers call this the differentiating aspect of Modular to their project.


1.40 m SLD50 profiles integrated in the metal ceiling provide the needed average of 200 lux in corridors. All are connected to the central emergency system to secure the minimum light output in safety situations. For consistency and maintenance matters, the same recessed profile is used at the bedhead of every patient room, while our Smart range adds a warm domestic touch. The general lighting can be mastered by each individual guest with the handterminal and set to full power by medical staff. Timeless design pieces, like Duell and Soufflé, cheer up the hospitality areas.


All products are delivered through different phases throughout 2016 and the project is planned to e completed in spring 2017. We hope to show you more pictures of the completed project as soon as possible!

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ar-te, in association with DjGA
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