International Mill, Kuwait

International Mill opened its first store in 1963, in Kuwait’s old commercial hub, Al-Mubarakiya. Initially, they were a business that roasted and sold nuts and coffee. Today, the company has expanded its product range with spices, sweets and dried fruits. Since their beginning, International Mill has been keen on selecting the finest products, understanding and gratifying customer’s needs at all times. Currently they are distributing in 14 different locations across Kuwait City.


Denise Omer Design expertness relies on implementations both in France and abroad. Denise Omer is surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, 3D graphic designers, in order to optimize and materialize projects. Their way of working is very professional. They do not only work out the design concept but also all stages of technical detailed drawings and finally follow up the building sites until the project is completed. Denise Omer Design was looking for a reliable lighting provider in whom they also could find a good adviser and decided to call Modular. After sitting together around the table, we found out where we could meet with the ideas of the designer and client. We started off with getting the requirements straight: the lighting should emphasize the comfortable feeling of the shop concept and let the products catch the eye of the visitor in the tastiest way.


To fulfill the requirements, we made a wish list on design and technics. The lighting plan needed to have a good balance between general and accent lighting, good color rendering and a sustainable solution. Furthermore, the lighting design also needed to be fluently integrated into the architectural concept. Another thing we did to gain simplicity and efficiency was making the lighting plan applicable on every shop, so that a similar delivery point was organized.


We chose for the MP78 as general lighting in the light plan. This profile is made to measure according to the length of every shop, this way it connects with the specific lay out of each location. As accent lighting, we chose the Smart 82, Smart 115 with smart mask and the Marcel, a fixture that can be directed in an angle of 30°. These are combined with Single Square spots on track, to be even more flexible on the long term. Apart from the technical aspects fitting the requirements, was the design also chosen with great consideration. The square look of the fixtures link to the architectural plan and the black structured finish assimilates with the surrounding color of the shop ceiling. The result is a clean and refined design, with the fixtures being adaptable on the architecture of each location.


Since 2015, already more than twelve shops have been realized all over Kuwait City and there are still some more to come. With Project Care taking care of the dedicated stock and forecast to meet delivery date requirements, the whole route has been a nice journey for everyone who was involved.

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