Hospital Oost-Limburg

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Hospital Oost-Limburg, Genk, Belgium

Welcoming lobbies, bright rooms with comfortable furniture and attractive cafeterias with good food: hospitals increasingly invest in hotel-like services and design to ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes. So does Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL), a 811-bed hospital campus in Genk (Belgium).


When refurbishing its existing buildings and constructing new ones, ZOL wanted to create a pleasant environment that would improve the experience of patients and their visitors and offer healthcare workers an efficient, attractive place to work. As lighting plays a crucial role in creating that experience, ZOL teamed up with Modular Lighting Instruments and wanted to create an enjoyable, soothing environment.


When it comes to selecting hospital lighting, we had to take into account three criteria. Of course in a hospital, lighting has to be functional. The lighting has to ensure the brightness and light color that healthcare workers need to perform their tasks efficiently. Secondly, hospital lighting should be simple to operate and ensure a long lifespan to keep maintenance low. Thirdly, we looked at the experience the lighting brings to patients, visitors and healthcare workers.


Eventually we chose Flat Moon, SL mini, Duell and Lotis tubed for the hospitality areas. More than 2 kilometers of SL75 and SLD75 profiles bring light to the long hospital corridors. The bright light of the long lines of lamps in the corridors, however, is harsh for the patients when they're transferred through the corridors in their beds. Hence, we have chosen for profiles recessed in the suspended ceiling close to the walls. This solution ensures uniform light intensity, preventing blinding lights and its high light output makes it easy to imitate daylight. For the rooms we have chosen H2A and Smart Kup because they deliver pleasant lighting, and this is something that is important when patients are staying for a long time.


All collaborative parties were happy with the result. Werner Moors, senior project engineer at ZOL praises our proactive, customer-friendly support. We tried to respond their questions quickly and were always ready to help. Normally there's a 6 to 8 week delivery term but we agreed to plan the production based on an estimate of the quantity needed. We tried to offer them advice where needed and delivered right on time.